English teaching methods thesis

The study attempts to investigate the reflection, and consequently the influence, of local culture and heritage in the syllabus, materials and teaching techniques in English classrooms at the tertiary level in Bangladesh. The purpose of the study is to examine the use of ICT in language class-rooms on tertiary level students of Dhaka city.

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It has been considered as a good tool for teaching English to the students towards writing, reading, It focuses The aim of this study is to investigate the nature of bullying in classroom that takes place in the context of a secondary school in Dhaka and to identify the types of bullying exists in their English language classrooms The study tries to search attitude of elementary students learning first and foreign language in elementary schools in Bangladesh. The chief aim of this study is to create interest about learning first and foreign language Bangla is the mother tongue of people of Bangladesh.

In operation, however, English is being used The aim of this study is to explore the challenges teachers face in organizing Collaborative learning in the English classes at tertiary level in Bangladesh. Learner autonomy engages the learners in effective decisions and various learning strategies through becoming aware in ELT classroom.

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This study attempts to find out the causes of anxiety amongst English language learners and to find out the role of teachers in minimizing such anxiety. The data is collected by surveying students, interviewing students More particularly, this provides an overview of the current state of the programs and students feedback on their learning, expectations, Search BracU IR.

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Teaching English without Teaching English - Roberto Guzman - TEDxUPRM

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