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The interest-only mortgage allowed the debtor to pay only the interest for an initial period, until payments increased to covering the principal combined with the continuing interest.

These, superficially attractive loan offers, combined with rising house prices and low interest rates, made a convincing case for buying a house. While newly minted homeowner may have enjoyed brief domestic bliss, a harsh reality check soon arrived. By , property value growth slowed and interest rates continued to rise Sabry and Schopflocher 9.

Facing an adjustable rate mortgage with constantly increasing. Mortgage delinquency and foreclosure, the failure to make scheduled payments and the resulting repossession of collateral property, respectively, began to skyrocket, setting off what has become known as the subprime mortgage meltdown. Share this link with a friend: Copied!

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Subprime Mortgages and the global financial crisis. Ask Expert Tutors You can ask 0 bonus questions You can ask 0 questions 0 expire soon You can ask 0 questions will expire. Governments have relied on a portfolio of intervention tools, but the biggest commitments and outlays have been in the form of debt and asset guarantees, while purchases of bad assets have been very limited.

We employ event study methodology to estimate the benefits of government interventions on banks and their shareholders. Announcements directed at the banking system as a whole general and at specific banks specific were priced by the markets as cumulative abnormal rates of return over the selected window periods.

What Really Caused the Great Recession?

General announcements tend to be associated with positive cumulative abnormal returns and specific announcements with negative ones. General announcements exert cross-area spillovers but are perceived by the home-country banks as subsidies boosting the competitive advantage of foreign banks. Specific announcements exert spillovers on other banks.

Our results are also sensitive to the information environment.

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These results appear consistent with the observed reluctance of individual institutions to come forth with requests for public assistance. KANE E.

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