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21. DP III: Parenthesization, Edit Distance, Knapsack

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Flash and JavaScript are required for this feature. About this Video Playlist Transcript Lecture Notes Download this Video Description: This lecture introduces dynamic programming, in which careful exhaustive search can be used to design polynomial-time algorithms.

Instructor: Erik Demaine. Lecture 1: Algorithmic Thin Lecture 2: Models of Comput Lecture 3: Insertion Sort, Lecture 4: Heaps and Heap Sort. Lecture 5: Binary Search Tr Image courtesy of MIT Press.

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This course teaches techniques for the design and analysis of efficient algorithms, emphasizing methods useful in practice. Topics covered include: sorting; search trees, heaps, and hashing; divide-and-conquer; dynamic programming; amortized analysis; graph algorithms; shortest paths; network flow; computational geometry; number-theoretic algorithms; polynomial and matrix calculations; caching; and parallel computing.

  1. 6.046J / 18.410J Introduction to Algorithms (SMA 5503);
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Select, playback devices, click on speaker or mic, and select the properties. The low volume on this vid is rather disappointing. I would have expected more from MIT.

How hard would you say MIT OpenCourseWare is?

All of the other vids are proper volume. Why is this one off?

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